Are You Confused About Choosing High School or Vocational School? This is The Solution

Sometimes children who have graduated from junior high school will be confused when deciding on a secondary school, whether to continue to the level of vocational or high school. It is better if the decision becomes determined by the child’s goals and orientation.

Basically, SMA and SMK have their own advantages, SMA has the advantage of mastering theory, concepts, and ways of thinking (this is very supportive if you want to continue to college after graduation), while Vocational Schools have the advantage of mastering applied science or skills. (so that it is suitable if after completion, immediately jump into the work world). So it can be concluded that if you want to go to college then choose high school, while if you want to work immediately then choose a vocational school.

In addition to the students’ continued orientation factor, there are several other factors that can be considered, including:

Family Economy

Is the family of the child a family that is able to finance the child to the college level. If you do not have to choose SMK as a secondary school choice. For those who have a family who feel they can afford to pay for college and the child wants to go on to college, then it’s best to choose high school, because in high school the emphasis is on mastering the theory of mathematics, science, social studies, English, etc.

Talent Factors

If children have talent in one particular field, then look for a school that can channel and hone the talent of the child. Vocational School is a school that can hone talent so that they can become more proficient. For example, his talent is tinkering with a motorbike engine, so the automatic majors at Vocational Schools will be able to help teach not only how but also how to make it valuable.

We recommend that you choose a high school that you really want and in accordance with the criteria above. Never hesitate in choosing anything, including school. Because something that is chosen with confidence and careful consideration will produce something that leads to the goal. Never make choices based on the influence of others, because in truth other people do not know anything about you as a whole. So, it is wise to choose the school, hopefully the brief description is taken into consideration in an effort to choose the right school. May be useful.

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