Perfect Red Lips With A New Variant Of The Loreal Paris Pure Reds Star Collection

In the middle of red lipstick trend hits, most women Indonesia thus feel confident wearing lipstick. Whereas, precisely where the layout of the key corporate courage in your beauty. The color red is the color of the special that has different meanings around the world.

In France for example, the colour red portray the romance promo alfamart and beauty, therefore, almost all the women in France made a complete make up their lipstick red. “Expressions of courage and confidence can also be done in daily activities such as time to meet and talk in public, for example when the presentation,” said Antania Hanjani, a Product Manager Make up Loreal Paris Indonesia in the Pacific Place Jakarta, Tuesday 1 September 2015.

The following six series of the latest Loreal lipstick that can be used daily in accordance with personality or character You Ladies, that of Loreal Paris Pure Reds Star Collection:

  • Pure Brick (Brick Red)
  • Dare to be passionate. For you are a bold and vibrant, and not afraid of working in this passion or hobby, fitting all if wearing a variant of Pure Brick.
  • Pure Rouge (Red Light)
  • Dare to dream. For those of you who dare to pursue a dream and is not afraid to reach those dreams.
  • Pure Amaranthe (red with shades of Fuschia)
  • Dare to be in love. Dare to fall in love! Falling in love not only to couples, but could also in yourself and friends.
  • Pure Fire (red with shades of Orange)
  • Dare to be risks. Dare to face the challenge! Don’t be afraid to take risks and decisions.
  • Pure Vermeil (red with shades of Coral)
  • Dare to explore. Brave berekplorasi, the color dare for you who likes to develop capabilities. Never be afraid to try, Ladies.
  • Mashed Garnet (red with shades of purple Brown)
  • Dare to be different. Dare to appear different from wearing a Pure Garnet.

Set of Loreal Paris Pure Reds Star Collection this dibandrol at a price of Rp 155,000, Ladies. “It’s matte lip. Matte usually feels dry, but this is not the lipstick. Durable and natural to wear everyday and keep it smooth, “the lid. Want to try it, Ladies?