Kepel Fruit Benefits for Health

Kepel trees are trees that have fruit the size of an adult’s fist (this might affect the name of the fruit). Buahbkepel is very rare, only a few places still have the fruit.

In ancient times kepel was known as a natural deodorant. Besides that there are many more benefits from the fruit, including:

Preventing kidney stones

The kepel fruit is uteric which can facilitate urine. So from that, the kepel fruit is believed to be able to clean kidney stones. Not only that, by consuming kepel fruit it can make urine become fragrant.

Smooth the Newborn Baby

Kepel fruit has a high content of vitamin C, it is the alibi that by eating kepel fruit during pregnancy will make babies born have skin that is smooth and clean.

Lowers cholesterol

Meats, fruits, and seeds contain saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Whereas it also has the same content, namely flavonoida and polivenol. The leaves are the ones that can lower cholesterol in the body. The trick is to make kepel tree leaves to eat.

Kidney inflammation

Kepel fruit is also very useful to prevent kidney inflammation. The way to use it is to separate the meat and seeds, let them turn. Take it every morning (just one fruit), it will prevent kidney inflammation.

Acid Acid

The way to apply it is to take 7 pieces of kepel leaves, add three cups of water, then boil it to leave only one glass of water. Drink twice a day (one tablespoon each). do it until uric acid is cured.

Sweat smell

Simply consume enough kepel fruit, then the smell of sweat and body odor, also bad breath will disappear.

Those are some of the benefits of kepel for your health. May be useful.

Tips for Making Satay to Become Soft

Who doesn’t know satay? Surely everyone knows him, even in one of his speeches President Barack Obama revealed that this dish was one of his favorite foods while living in Indonesia.

But sometimes when we enjoy these dishes, there are some satay with hard meat. Actually there are easy ways to work around this, namely:

  • Choose satay ingredients that are easily cooked. Like fish, chicken, shrimp (for beef and mutton use meat has deep)
  • Cut the meat properly, which is not too thick but also not too thin. Because thick meat will take a long time to bake, even though the meat is baked, it will get harder. as well as thin meat, it will quickly become hard.
  • Meat that will be made satay can be boiled first, but not too soft. So you stay a little while roasting it.
  • By adding baking powder. The trick is to give baking powder when the satay is covered with spices.
  • Wrap it with papaya leaves during the treatment, it can also make your meat soft.
  • Especially for chicken satay, chicken skewer alternates with chicken skin. This will make satay become tasty and delicious.

Now it’s easy not to make soft satay? So for those of you who like to cook this food, follow the tips that I gave. Hopefully this brief review is useful to add insight and your knowledge in the culinary field.

Easy Ways to Make Cassava Getuk

For those of you who like traditional dishes / cakes, of course you know this one food, cassava getuk. The cake is famous for originating from Central Java, precisely from Magelang. The area is a well-known area not only because of the curry, but also the military area. Not only that Magelang has a famous temple in the country, namely the Borobudur Temple.

Turn back to the traditional specialties. These foods have a savory and sweet taste. For those of you who don’t have time to come directly to Magelang, then you don’t need to worry because I will give you a recipe for making delicious cassava getuk cakes.


  • 425 grams of cassava (steamed first, then puree)
  • 2 tablespoons thick coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 100 grams of coconut that has been shredded
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Coloring (pink and light green), just enough. If you want to use natural dyes it’s okay.

How to make getuk:

  • Mix cassava with thick coconut milk. Mix well
  • Then one by one input butter, coconut, and sugar
  • Stir until completely evenly distributed
  • Divide the mixture into three parts
  • Each part is colored (pink, light green, and the third part is left as usual)
  • Take one sheet of plastic, then put it on top. Cover the kemabli with plastic. Finally grind using wood
  • Print to your taste

This is an easy way to make savory and delicious cakes. May be useful.