Tips for Choosing ECD for Children

Early Childhood Education is a bridge to long-term investment in the future of children. Entering children into play groups (KB) and kindergarten (TK) is one way to provide stimulation of knowledge, emotional, and social interaction to children.

But sometimes here creates a dilemma for parents because parents will worry whether family planning and kindergarten are right for the baby. Therefore before you decide on a family planning and kindergarten you should pay attention to the following:

Understand the Nature of Teacher Teachers

If necessary, you also know the background of the teacher. Notice whether the teacher has a patient nature and has mastery that is capable of the ins and outs of the child’s world. A good teacher will make children feel happy and comfortable.

Don’t go too far

It is better to determine the PAUD so that it is not too far from your reach (either from your office to work or from home). maximum trip is 20 minutes (when using a vehicle). This is to anticipate things that are not wanted and also to overcome child fatigue.

Look at your finances

Do not because your high prestige then you are forced to put your child into family planning and kindergarten (even though the cost is high), because expensive school does not necessarily guarantee children’s intelligence. Then look for a school that suits your financial condition.

Learn the Literacy Cited

Make sure that the curriculum taught is in accordance with the needs of the child, because this is an education aimed at early childhood so the right curriculum is playing, singing, and learning (but with a simple method).

Teacher Ratio

The right ratio is 1: 4 (for children under 3 years), then 1: 8 (for children 3-4 years), and 1:10 (for children aged 4-5 years). The explanation is 1: 4 is 1 teacher caring for 4 children, and so on.

Pay Attention to the School Environment

Do not send children under five years of age to school where the place is close to the highway, the play area is safe and not harmful. Notice how clean the school environment is.

Ask the child about which school makes him happy

Involve the child in making decisions, do not force your will without involving the child. Because after all is a child who will undergo.

Those are some of the things you need to consider before determining the right school for your toddler. Hopefully it will be a benefit for you.

Child Sex Education To Not Become a Victim of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in children lately is increasingly troubling to society in general and parents in particular. We as parents must provide advice to children not to be victims of sexual harassment. Then what are the things we have to do to overcome them:

Make it a habit to chat with children

By communicating with children, it will create a comfortable and close atmosphere. With the creation of this, the child will tell you about anything. Then one day the child will tell honestly when sexual abuse occurs against him. Usually victims of sexual abuse will tend to be closed to other people, even to their own parents.

Introduce Sex Organ Functions and Names

Choose a simple language that the child can easily understand. If necessary, you and the child are both naked and point to and introduce these tools and their functions. But you need to know this is done by mother and daughter, and father with his son.

Teach Children To Always Close Sex Organs

Let them know that other people cannot see the sex tools. Also tell that if there are other people who want to see it to refuse, if possible they might even shout to be of concern to the people.

We don’t always take care of children all day for reasons of our busyness and because of school children, but at least we provide lessons and early knowledge about sex in children. This is intended so that children are able to protect themselves from the influence of sex which is now rampant. Parents must ask every day what activities the child is doing, this is to control children’s activities. Hopefully through this short article, you can take the lessons and benefits contained in it.

Food and Drinks Should be Avoided When The Child is Taking Medicine

When a child is suffering from illness, whether it is fever or other diseases, then a mother will usually be confused with how to get the baby to take medicine. Various reasons that arise when a child is given a drug include less attractive packaging, too much, and also a bad taste.

For the latter reason, many mothers work around this by mixing drugs with various foods or drinks. It may be as long as it is given with food that does not affect the efficacy of the drug itself.

Some foods and beverages that should be avoided when giving the baby’s medicine are:

Food that contains lots of fiber

This will actually reduce the efficacy of the drug because fibrous foods can cause the absorption of drugs into the digestion can be slow.

Drink Tea

The content of tannins in tea can bind various active compounds contained in the drug, this raises the drug difficult to absorb from the digestive tract. Besides tannin compounds, tea also has caffeine which can stimulate the central nervous system.

Drinking Milk

Milk can also inhibit the absorption of some antibiotics such as siproflokasin and tetracycline. This happens because siproflokasin has a strong binding ability with calcium ions contained in milk. In other words, giving milk will also inhibit the circulation of medicinal properties. It’s good if the child asks for milk, give it 2 hours before taking the medicine or 2 hours later.

With the various alibis above, then you should understand correctly what you should not give when giving medicine to children. The three foods above can affect the effectiveness of the medicinal properties. So do everything wisely.

Hopefully it will be a benefit for you, so that later it will not be a misstep in giving the baby medicine, with the aim that the drug given can be absorbed properly by the child’s body. And most importantly, children’s health remains number one. May be useful.

Language Stimulation For Children

Being a career woman who works every day is certainly not able to accompany your child at any time in providing various kinds of stimulation in its development. With conditions like this it does not mean that the mother cannot participate maximally in the development of her baby. In addition to mothers, children can get developmental stimulation from their caregivers. Among various kinds of stimulation, language stimulation is the most important.

Language stimulation for children can be done through various programs including:

Through the program, read a story book or picture book

Why through reading books? Because reading books is one of the activities that many kids like. A good story book for children is a story book with lots of pictures. this is intended so that children can be asked for their opinions on the pictures in the story book and let the child tell stories according to his fantasies. Activities like this can develop a child’s imagination. Besides reading a certain theme that has been told to the child repeatedly then stops and the child is fishing to continue the story. Let the child continue the story according to his mind.

Through word games

Learning is good when playing games. The word games that kids like are usually in a new place like, when they go shopping at markets / supermarkets / malls, at cake shops, or in other places and mothers show something to try so that children can answer. If you don’t know the whisper of the answer and let the child shout to deliver it.

Through chat or communication

When communicating with your child, you should have clear intonation, not too fast, and don’t use slurred language because it can be copied. Invite your child to discuss something like seeing an apple, ask for the color, taste and so on. Besides being able to also be invited to tell something that makes children interested.

Through playing outdoors with friends

By playing with other children it is hoped that your child can develop his potential. Let him tell stories with his peers.

Through communication devices such as telephones

The telephone is an interesting object for young children, so use it to invite children to chat over the phone so that the child is absorbed. Ask your siblings or more mature people for questions and answers so that you have a chat with your child.

Through video recording

Little children like it when they are in a recording. Well, have the child express themselves like singing or telling something then showing the tape. Because he was happy when he saw himself on record, he would be excited to repeat it again.

That’s the various ways to develop children’s language. May be useful.

Some Mistakes Educating Children Who Are Considered A Fairness

Children are entrusted from the divine that we must guard as well as possible, and children are gifts that will not be replaced by anything. So from the description above it has become an obligation for us to love and love the baby.

But sometimes because we are so sad for our little ones, we often forget our main obligation to educate children to become independent, smart, polite, disciplined, etc. What we think is right in educating children is actually an error that will make children become spoiled and unable to be independent.

Some common mistakes that occur are:

Often prohibits children from playing

Beware, do not run later, fall, watch out, don’t play the ground, dirty, etc. Do we often hear that? Actually this is a form of our concern for children, but indirectly we will actually delay the development of the mind and brain of children. Then what should be done to deal with these problems? Accompany the child while playing, find a safe place so that the child can freely play, let the child be creative with his mind.

Often scare

When children are hard to be advised, sometimes we scare with the real thing that is not scary. For example, when a child cries and is difficult to keep quiet, we often say don’t cry and later be bitten by a cat. That way you indirectly teach children to be afraid of cats.

Always follow what the child wants

If you do that, then you will teach children not to be independent. Why is that? Because you often spoil children, then one day an adult child will become a lazy child, not willing to work hard, etc. From now on, the demand for children if it is necessary and important for children.

Advise by jerking and even hitting

Is that way can make a child be better, it is just the opposite (will make a person who likes rebellion). Advise children with tenderness will be better, and it will actually make children understand what we want to convey to our baby.

Teaching Children Luxury Life

Whatever the reason, this cannot be justified, because it will make children forever dependent on parents. It’s okay for us to give a gift about something fancy, but it benefits the child. For example, we give children gifts in the form of cellphones, so we must be smart to teach children to find out the benefits of these sophisticated devices.

Those are some things that are mistakes but it has become a natural thing for us in an effort to educate children. Hopefully you can take advantage of these simple descriptions.