Create a Big Narrow Room Interior Looks Great

You want the room in your residence or apartment to get bigger? Here are some tips to keep the small room in your home or apartment look large and airy.

1. Add a mirror

Add a mirror to your cramped room. The larger mirror you use, the reflection of the mirror will make the room look bigger.

2. Make the floor and furniture look light

Choose bright colors and impress light with floor and furniture. Examples of colors that can be used in white, light brown, light green, light blue, and others. You can add other bright colors to the space accessories.

3. Distract attention to the end of the room

As much as possible for many openings in your room. Direct people’s attention to the other end of the room. The use of the same floor in adjacent rooms will add to the spacious impression of the room.

4. Add the vertical lines

Vertical lines on the walls can make the effect of the room look high. No need to create entire vertical striped walls, just give a little vertical line like the example above. The illusion of a room with a high ceiling can already be created.

5. Use lots of glass material

The glass material is also influential to create a light and transparent room atmosphere. As much as possible for many openings, zoom in the window, make one room visible connect with another room.

6. Replace heavy materials

If your room uses curtains, replace it by selecting the blind like the example above. The thick curtains felt heavy and full in the small room.

7. Paint the walls with pale colors

Choose a light or pale color for the wall of your cramped space. Young colors will make your room look fresh and not heavy.

8. Multifunctional furniture

Use furniture to a minimum; the most appropriate choice is to use furniture with dual function. Furnishings with the double function will make your room feel roomy, but all the objects still have their place.

9. Use a hanging rack

Choose a hanging rack to make the floor not too full. A floor that looks makes the room look more spacious.

10. Set good lighting

Sufficient light and arranged in the room can also affect the overall impression of the room. So it is advisable that you invest to arrange to light in your room.