Differences Men and Women in Shopping

Crazy shopping nicknames more often pinned on women. For women, shopping is not just a necessity but a hobby. Therefore, many commercial and product ads target women as potential buyers.

However, it does not mean that Adam does not like shopping. Men can also be impulsive shopping if the purchased product is related to their hobby. For example, shopping for original ball jerseys from favorite football clubs, automotive supplies, collectibles, or associated with favorite music promo alfamart groups.

Both men and women alike love shopping even though the intensity and type of product purchased is not the same. What else differentiates them when shopping? The following reviews as quoted from hargapromosupermarket.com :

Lazy Men Bargain Prices Vs Women Bid Price

This question must be familiar. When shopping in the market, mothers willingly insist on bargain price for the difference Rp 100. During the bargaining process allows, then women will negotiate in order to get the price as cheap as possible promo alfamidi.

There are many shopping tactics that women use to get cheap prices. First off by haggling the lowest possible price. This tactic is done because usually the seller also deliberately raise the price as high as possible.

Second, the tactics of leaving the seller. Feeling the price remains expensive, the woman strolled leaving the seller. If this is the seller will call with a bid price cheaper.

Third, combine purchases. This way can be done if it intends to buy in large quantities or shopping rollicking. ‘Crowded’ buyers who will buy will make the seller bigger the day receive the lowest bid price.

Instead men tend to be lazy bargain. The reason for lazy arguing, prestige, pity on the seller, do not want to waste time, and promo carrefour feel the price after bidding was not much different.

According to the needs

Men Buy Item In accordance Vs Women Need for Discount Shopping

Did you know that discount notice boards in supermarkets and malls are deliberately red in order to contrast and easily draw attention? And women must turn around twice when you see a 50 percent discount or buy one free one.

Yes, discounts are first seen women. Whether or not the goods need to be a matter later. The bigger the discount, the more dear if not purchased.

This is where the principle of ‘better regret when buying rather than regret for not buying’ applies. If ultimately not needed, anyway can be given to others. The important thing is not to miss a big discount moment.

While men tend to use logic before buying. Although if related to hobby and inner satisfaction, men can also exclude the ratio. This is what makes men more expensive than women promo giant.

More Men Quicker Vs Old Woman Choose

When it gets the desired item, the man will usually go directly to the cashier. While women in addition to longer choose, longer try in the locker room, while walking to the cashier was re-tempted with other items.

Opinion of others

Men Believe in Himself Vs Women Need People’s Opinions

Before buying, usually women will ask for opinions of others. If the response of others is negative, then women will increasingly hesitate to buy even though the goods are really needed. Answered fit anyway, women keep weighing.

On the other hand man, as long as he is comfortable and like with the product is not concerned with the opinions of others. This is why women prefer to harga promo hold friends, girlfriends, relatives, or parents while shopping. So that when the goods have been purchased, he does not regret because people say not suitable.

Men Not Seeing Brand Vs Women Looking Brand

Wear branded goods valued can raise prestige and confidence. Promo indomaret can not buy the original Louis Vuitton handbag, women will be eyeing the super KW from the bag brand. Even women will save months to buy branded goods.

If you buy a cheap bag and the bag was quickly damaged, women will blame the quality of the bag. But expensive and fast bag turns damaged, women will blame themselves for not being able to keep the goods well.

This is the influence of the brand. On the other hand many men do not care about the brand. As long as it is nice and comfortable to wear, men will be okay. Well, which shopping habits would best suit you?