Food and Drinks Should be Avoided When The Child is Taking Medicine

When a child is suffering from illness, whether it is fever or other diseases, then a mother will usually be confused with how to get the baby to take medicine. Various reasons that arise when a child is given a drug include less attractive packaging, too much, and also a bad taste.

For the latter reason, many mothers work around this by mixing drugs with various foods or drinks. It may be as long as it is given with food that does not affect the efficacy of the drug itself.

Some foods and beverages that should be avoided when giving the baby’s medicine are:

Food that contains lots of fiber

This will actually reduce the efficacy of the drug because fibrous foods can cause the absorption of drugs into the digestion can be slow.

Drink Tea

The content of tannins in tea can bind various active compounds contained in the drug, this raises the drug difficult to absorb from the digestive tract. Besides tannin compounds, tea also has caffeine which can stimulate the central nervous system.

Drinking Milk

Milk can also inhibit the absorption of some antibiotics such as siproflokasin and tetracycline. This happens because siproflokasin has a strong binding ability with calcium ions contained in milk. In other words, giving milk will also inhibit the circulation of medicinal properties. It’s good if the child asks for milk, give it 2 hours before taking the medicine or 2 hours later.

With the various alibis above, then you should understand correctly what you should not give when giving medicine to children. The three foods above can affect the effectiveness of the medicinal properties. So do everything wisely.

Hopefully it will be a benefit for you, so that later it will not be a misstep in giving the baby medicine, with the aim that the drug given can be absorbed properly by the child’s body. And most importantly, children’s health remains number one. May be useful.

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