Interior Design Modern White Clean Apartment

The apartment has become a perfect and practical residence for most urban dwellers like Jakarta. With the proliferation of apartment buildings in Jakarta then that to be determining factor in choosing an apartment that is the location, large apartments, and of course the comfort of apartments to live. For those of you who like simplicity but still want a beautiful and elegant interior design apartment, this apartment can be a reference for you. The design is modern with a choice of white color that exemplifies the beauty and shape of the existing furniture.

The bright white color on the walls and ceiling of the apartment will automatically highlight all the forms of furniture you have. Select parquet material or laminate floor for the floor so the cold impression of white color can be neutralized. Legitimate if you also want to use white color for the furniture in your apartment. To create an atmosphere that is not monotonous select bright room accessories. Lights, paintings, sofa cushions, or a little greenery in the corner will give you an extra vivid color inside your apartment.

The unique lights will give you more points in the interior design of your apartment such omdimas. A single chandelier or pendant lamp automatically makes the room feel different and attracts anyone’s attention. As in this apartment, in the white kitchen area, the presence of ‘Dear Ingo’ lamp from Ron Gilad becomes a fantastic focal point, is not it?