Language Stimulation For Children

Being a career woman who works every day is certainly not able to accompany your child at any time in providing various kinds of stimulation in its development. With conditions like this it does not mean that the mother cannot participate maximally in the development of her baby. In addition to mothers, children can get developmental stimulation from their caregivers. Among various kinds of stimulation, language stimulation is the most important.

Language stimulation for children can be done through various programs including:

Through the program, read a story book or picture book

Why through reading books? Because reading books is one of the activities that many kids like. A good story book for children is a story book with lots of pictures. this is intended so that children can be asked for their opinions on the pictures in the story book and let the child tell stories according to his fantasies. Activities like this can develop a child’s imagination. Besides reading a certain theme that has been told to the child repeatedly then stops and the child is fishing to continue the story. Let the child continue the story according to his mind.

Through word games

Learning is good when playing games. The word games that kids like are usually in a new place like, when they go shopping at markets / supermarkets / malls, at cake shops, or in other places and mothers show something to try so that children can answer. If you don’t know the whisper of the answer and let the child shout to deliver it.

Through chat or communication

When communicating with your child, you should have clear intonation, not too fast, and don’t use slurred language because it can be copied. Invite your child to discuss something like seeing an apple, ask for the color, taste and so on. Besides being able to also be invited to tell something that makes children interested.

Through playing outdoors with friends

By playing with other children it is hoped that your child can develop his potential. Let him tell stories with his peers.

Through communication devices such as telephones

The telephone is an interesting object for young children, so use it to invite children to chat over the phone so that the child is absorbed. Ask your siblings or more mature people for questions and answers so that you have a chat with your child.

Through video recording

Little children like it when they are in a recording. Well, have the child express themselves like singing or telling something then showing the tape. Because he was happy when he saw himself on record, he would be excited to repeat it again.

That’s the various ways to develop children’s language. May be useful.

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