Mother Care After Caesar Birth

Caesarean section is a relatively large operation, so it needs more intensive care for the mothers who gave birth through the caesarean section. Once the anesthetic effect is gone, it will cause a sense of receipt for the mother who has just done this operation.

Some things that must be monitored are blood pressure, body temperature, postpartum blood discharge, and pulse. Hospitalization must run at least 3-5 days, this is aimed at minimizing something that is not desired.

Now after leaving the hospital, you should keep a few things below:

Keep clean

This is to avoid infection, therefore you must maintain the cleanliness of the environment and your body. The trick is to clean the vagina after urinating, if necessary, use an antiseptic solution to clean it. You should also notice that the vagina is always dry.

Restore Conditions

How to recover conditions can be through food intake that needs to be maintained (multiply fruit and vegetables. Another thing to note is maintaining the cleanliness of your organ, including the cleanliness of your breasts.

Try Always Be Happy

This aims to make the baby feel comfortable and also so that your recovery process goes according to plan. But because humans can change their mood at any time, you have to respond to your willingness by sharing with your husband, parents, friends and doctors.

Don’t Move Much Before

Surgical wounds will easily occur if you don’t really look after them. Therefore you must be careful and do not do hard work first.

Relax or relax

Make yourself as comfortable as possible, so that your mind is calm. By thinking calmly, you will not be stressed. One reason for the long recovery of the condition can be due to stress.

Those are some things that you should pay attention to after caesarean delivery. Hopefully it will be a benefit for you.

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