Psychological reasons why some people are always late

There are people who are never on time, they show up late every time there is an appointment with you.

A lot of research looking for the reason why there are people like that, as reported by the Independent.

Alfie Kohn, a lecturer and author of human behaviour, in Psychology Today blog wrote several reasons behind adherents hours rubber.

Maybe they are happy so the center of attention because it came too late, or too busy with their own lives and to have to make people wait.

However, this does not apply to those who are always late to be self-defeating. For example, they missed the plane or can’t get into the show who wants to be seen.

While there are people who always want to be on time, Kohn said there are people who did not get to do it.

“Maybe they had a tendency to too late against what they do and don’t realize the time until it’s too late,” he wrote.

1. How to set the time

A study from the University of Washington last year researching the theory of Time-Based Prospective Memory (TBPM). In the experiment, the subjects were given a time frame to complete a job, they are given the discretion to check the clock.

The experiment was made in such a way to forget the time as participants consuming the attention of its activity, for example puzzle. Of research results, there is clearly some people are better at set time.

This is similar as you sink into activities such as sight-seeing linimasa which documents Instagram or read the news. You may still lazing for five minutes before leaving for work. But there are times when a five minute molor imperceptibly so 20 minutes.

Psychological and Brain Sciences Professor Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne of Massachusetts Amherst says people who are good at the task TBPM can arrange time better. He writes in Psychology Today how important can estimate the time to work on something.

For example, you can use Google Maps to estimate how long it took to get somewhere. But you can’t predict what will happen on the road, for example chatting with acquaintances who meet accidentally, or disorder at the station so that the train was late.

2. people who have personalities like late

There are people who are not disciplined, they feel might be timely. Some people don’t like it came early. Sometimes they feel lazy or don’t like to wait.

When viewed from another perspective, a New York Times article said the consistent delays can be driven by optimism. For example, believe that travel 25 minutes can be reached in 10 minutes if everything is smooth.

In short, there are many reasons that explain why people are always late. When you can find the main cause, you could change the bad habits it is.

5 Tips on choosing the right Clothes for pregnant women

While pregnant, the body will experience growth and perhaps while you can’t wear clothes everyday that you frequently use, such as jeans and a corset. You need a lot of clothes that are comfortable to wear and do not make your shortness of breath.

The blood circulation is very important for pregnant women, not just because like his model, you are interested in buying it but turns out to be unusable. Well, to avoid things like this and take better care of your health and potential fruit hearts in this content, you need to do when choosing a dress.

1. Loose

It has certainly been known to all expectant mothers at the moment will pick an outfit. If at home, wear a dress could be a good choice. In addition to facilitating activity at home, Cain’s dress that is not tight and thin also very well reduce body heat.

2. Material

Important make sure that you do not heat while wearing clothes, and make sure no material is also dreamy. Cotton materials and t-shirts are often advised to you.

3. Select the right size

Shirt sizes for pregnant women can be varied, depending upon the condition of your pregnancy. Be sure to try it before purchase and comfortable when worn.

4. Select melar can

Choose a fabric that is not jamming fits in the body, can select melar in the body to cope when your body is greater during pregnancy.

5. Lightly

Wear the shirt does not need a lot of beads or stones stuck in the clothes. Choose a dress that is light in order not easily tired. You’ve brought your baby everywhere a clear weight, so do not need to be difficult for yourself to run with excessive beads on clothes.

No problem for a while you will no longer be able to wear your shirt that is usually, for which you can feel comfortable during pregnancy, Ladies mcfol.

Perfect Red Lips With A New Variant Of The Loreal Paris Pure Reds Star Collection

In the middle of red lipstick trend hits, most women Indonesia thus feel confident wearing lipstick. Whereas, precisely where the layout of the key corporate courage in your beauty. The color red is the color of the special that has different meanings around the world.

In France for example, the colour red portray the romance promo alfamart and beauty, therefore, almost all the women in France made a complete make up their lipstick red. “Expressions of courage and confidence can also be done in daily activities such as time to meet and talk in public, for example when the presentation,” said Antania Hanjani, a Product Manager Make up Loreal Paris Indonesia in the Pacific Place Jakarta, Tuesday 1 September 2015.

The following six series of the latest Loreal lipstick that can be used daily in accordance with personality or character You Ladies, that of Loreal Paris Pure Reds Star Collection:

  • Pure Brick (Brick Red)
  • Dare to be passionate. For you are a bold and vibrant, and not afraid of working in this passion or hobby, fitting all if wearing a variant of Pure Brick.
  • Pure Rouge (Red Light)
  • Dare to dream. For those of you who dare to pursue a dream and is not afraid to reach those dreams.
  • Pure Amaranthe (red with shades of Fuschia)
  • Dare to be in love. Dare to fall in love! Falling in love not only to couples, but could also in yourself and friends.
  • Pure Fire (red with shades of Orange)
  • Dare to be risks. Dare to face the challenge! Don’t be afraid to take risks and decisions.
  • Pure Vermeil (red with shades of Coral)
  • Dare to explore. Brave berekplorasi, the color dare for you who likes to develop capabilities. Never be afraid to try, Ladies.
  • Mashed Garnet (red with shades of purple Brown)
  • Dare to be different. Dare to appear different from wearing a Pure Garnet.

Set of Loreal Paris Pure Reds Star Collection this dibandrol at a price of Rp 155,000, Ladies. “It’s matte lip. Matte usually feels dry, but this is not the lipstick. Durable and natural to wear everyday and keep it smooth, “the lid. Want to try it, Ladies?

Differences Men and Women in Shopping

Crazy shopping nicknames more often pinned on women. For women, shopping is not just a necessity but a hobby. Therefore, many commercial and product ads target women as potential buyers.

However, it does not mean that Adam does not like shopping. Men can also be impulsive shopping if the purchased product is related to their hobby. For example, shopping for original ball jerseys from favorite football clubs, automotive supplies, collectibles, or associated with favorite music promo alfamart groups.

Both men and women alike love shopping even though the intensity and type of product purchased is not the same. What else differentiates them when shopping? The following reviews as quoted from :

Lazy Men Bargain Prices Vs Women Bid Price

This question must be familiar. When shopping in the market, mothers willingly insist on bargain price for the difference Rp 100. During the bargaining process allows, then women will negotiate in order to get the price as cheap as possible promo alfamidi.

There are many shopping tactics that women use to get cheap prices. First off by haggling the lowest possible price. This tactic is done because usually the seller also deliberately raise the price as high as possible.

Second, the tactics of leaving the seller. Feeling the price remains expensive, the woman strolled leaving the seller. If this is the seller will call with a bid price cheaper.

Third, combine purchases. This way can be done if it intends to buy in large quantities or shopping rollicking. ‘Crowded’ buyers who will buy will make the seller bigger the day receive the lowest bid price.

Instead men tend to be lazy bargain. The reason for lazy arguing, prestige, pity on the seller, do not want to waste time, and promo carrefour feel the price after bidding was not much different.

According to the needs

Men Buy Item In accordance Vs Women Need for Discount Shopping

Did you know that discount notice boards in supermarkets and malls are deliberately red in order to contrast and easily draw attention? And women must turn around twice when you see a 50 percent discount or buy one free one.

Yes, discounts are first seen women. Whether or not the goods need to be a matter later. The bigger the discount, the more dear if not purchased.

This is where the principle of ‘better regret when buying rather than regret for not buying’ applies. If ultimately not needed, anyway can be given to others. The important thing is not to miss a big discount moment.

While men tend to use logic before buying. Although if related to hobby and inner satisfaction, men can also exclude the ratio. This is what makes men more expensive than women promo giant.

More Men Quicker Vs Old Woman Choose

When it gets the desired item, the man will usually go directly to the cashier. While women in addition to longer choose, longer try in the locker room, while walking to the cashier was re-tempted with other items.

Opinion of others

Men Believe in Himself Vs Women Need People’s Opinions

Before buying, usually women will ask for opinions of others. If the response of others is negative, then women will increasingly hesitate to buy even though the goods are really needed. Answered fit anyway, women keep weighing.

On the other hand man, as long as he is comfortable and like with the product is not concerned with the opinions of others. This is why women prefer to harga promo hold friends, girlfriends, relatives, or parents while shopping. So that when the goods have been purchased, he does not regret because people say not suitable.

Men Not Seeing Brand Vs Women Looking Brand

Wear branded goods valued can raise prestige and confidence. Promo indomaret can not buy the original Louis Vuitton handbag, women will be eyeing the super KW from the bag brand. Even women will save months to buy branded goods.

If you buy a cheap bag and the bag was quickly damaged, women will blame the quality of the bag. But expensive and fast bag turns damaged, women will blame themselves for not being able to keep the goods well.

This is the influence of the brand. On the other hand many men do not care about the brand. As long as it is nice and comfortable to wear, men will be okay. Well, which shopping habits would best suit you?

Avoiding Dehydration In Summer

How many times have we heard the experts say phrases like “During the summer you have to drink a lot, at least a liter and a half of water a day”? So many times, and of course there is a valid reason: avoid dehydration.

There is the talk of dehydration when the body loses more fluids than it takes, so it does not have enough to perform its regular ‘tasks.’

In the summer, heat and sweat contribute to the loss of many more liquids, which must be replenished. If you do not reintegrate, you can dehydrate yourself.

The main symptoms are :

  • thirst
  • weakness
  • muscle cramps
  • dark-colored urine
  • infusion of eyeballs
  • dizziness
  • palpitations
  • anxiety
  • dry skin and mucous membranes
  • low pressure
  • fatigue
  • drowsiness
  • numbness

How should we behave to avoid dehydration? Instructions on how to avoid dehydration in summer :

  1. In individuals, when the mechanism of sweating is activated, it means that at that moment organic mineral salts are being lost, which must be integrated. So, it is necessary to drink a lot. Among the drinks, first place is the water but also smoothies or light tea.
  2. With the hot heat, the appetite is less, and that is why our body is directed towards dishes such as salads or cold dishes. Also, it is preferable to consume fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes, meat, and fish.
  3. Vitamins A, C, and E are also indispensable. Vitamin A is present, for example, in melons, peaches, carrots, and squash. Vitamin C in citrus fruits, cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers. Vitamin E, which is anti-oxidant and anti-aging, can be found in vegetable oils, wheat germ in legumes, etc.
  4. Avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, especially children and the elderly.

How To Avoid Dangers For Children Over Three Years

Always keeping in mind the previous guides to avoid dangers for our child, we now face the issue of children who have become a little older. After three years children are perfectly able to understand what is dangerous and what is not.

However, there is a willingness in them to know and experiment continuously, so it is important to explain to them well what and how many dangers they may incur not being careful. Gradually you can grant them more and more autonomy but control them discreetly while they play and always try to prevent dangerous situations.

Your child grows up quickly and gains autonomy, but you must always explain to him in a clear way what are the dangerous situations.


  • Never leave matches and lighters or anything else that is dangerous to children.
  • Do not allow the child to play with alcohol or flammable liquids.
  • Keep all dangerous liquids away from the child’s reach.
  • Keep safe, locked in a room all objects that could be dangerous to the child or be used dangerously: like weapons or knives.

How to Avoid Heat Stroke

The summer season can turn out to be a real odyssey for all those who work outdoors, just because of the excessive heat to which they must inevitably cope. One of the most many risks, for all those who can not help but stay under the warm rays of the sun even in the most unthinkable hours. Represented by the heat stroke that leads to an increase in body temperature up to a consequent and excessive loss of liquids that can sometimes lead to serious consequences.

How to Avoid Heat Stroke

In fact, we will never stop advising to avoid the hottest hours to carry out our outdoor activities, unless we are called upon to do so for reasons that do not depend on our will, just like work. Below, I will show you some tips to avoid the sunstrokes with all the possible illnesses that can cause and ranging from the very first feeling of thirst, followed by loss of appetite, dizziness, up to more serious diseases such as nausea, vomiting and temporary loss of knowledge.

  • The first advice, in some respects even the most obvious, consists precisely in avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, especially during the most critical hours and also in cases where liquids are being taken. It should always be remembered that, if in the past we have already been victims of sunstroke, we must always be careful, despite some hours have passed, not to suffer relapses;
  • As already anticipated, it is advisable to drink plenty of water, ideal against dehydration. Remember not to take large amounts of water altogether, but it is a good rule to drink a lot even in the hours before our sun exposure;
  • In addition to water, it is also advisable to drink beverages rich in mineral salts; to this end, an excellent natural alternative is represented by fruits and vegetables, recommended foods during the summer season for their quantity of water and salt stocks;
  • Avoid some drinks such as those rich in caffeine (tea, coffee, coca cola), as well as alcoholic beverages that, contrary to what our body needs in moments of great heat, accelerate the process of dehydration making us sweat more;
  • The most avid smokers should reduce and, if possible, eliminate excessive cigarette consumption;
  • Always bring water with you, not just to quench your thirst but also to pour it from time to time on your head and neck; so we take advantage, if possible, of the presence of some small town fountains to refresh ourselves a bit;
  • Attention also to those who work in shops or offices equipped with air conditioning; often, the worst heat hits hit those who have been exposed for too long at internal temperatures much lower than the external ones;
  • Repairing the head with a hat could be an excellent alternative for those forced to spend several hours under the sun;
  • It is not advisable, however, to be bare-chested, as we absorb more heat: better to sweat with a sweater on, but in case of slight gusts of wind can refresh a minimum;
  • And speaking of T-shirts, always choose light-colored clothing that, unlike the dark ones, do not absorb the sun’s rays but reflect them.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article just like musikji, it is always advisable to avoid the hottest hours of the day, so if you have to do some commissions, choose the early hours of the day or, after sunset. Remember, finally, never to force yourself too much when you are under the scorching sun of summer, whatever the activity you are going to do!

How To Control The Melanoma

The Melanoma is a skin cancer that often appears in the form of.Especially after the summer, on the skin appear much more in that simply for aesthetic reasons can make the  nose turn up. In reality, those in the can hide bigger problems.

The melanoma, in fact, is an increasingly common cancer nowadays and it is constantly increasing.
According to some studies, the incidence of this tumor is slightly higher in women than in men. The causes can be multiple, both genetic and geographical, but the most affected areas of the body are the legs and the face for women, while for men the trunk.

If the melanoma is still confined to the superficial skin layers, the prognosis is good, with the patient’s speedy recovery. On the other hand, if the melanoma has reached the deepest layers of the skin, the health of the patient may be at risk.

It is therefore important that prevention begins with a thorough dermatological examination of the.

Beyond the dermatological checks, you must also learn to know your own and if in doubt contact your doctor immediately.

Here is a brief handbook to recognize and prevent melanoma.

  1. It is important to observe the configuration of the mole, the object of the survey. If it has an irregular and asymmetric shape, that is, it is not round, it can be an atypical mole.
  2. Then, you have to look at the edges. If its boundaries are jagged and irregular, the neo must surely be checked by experts.
    As for the color: there are in the lighter and others darker. If the mole in question is particularly dark or if it has an uneven color, it may be a melanoma.
  3. Regarding the dimensions: normally the diameter of the mole is not more than 6 mm. It may happen that after prolonged exposure to the sun some of them have grown in extension: the one that was small and almost invisible has now reached larger dimensions. If it exceeds the allowed size or if it has grown over time, an accurate dermatological examination is recommended.
  4. Some in then “break” and bleed. There are no real causes for this to happen. In some cases it is seasonal, in others it happens due to stress. However, these are atypical and therefore require a specialist visit.

The dermatologist, after the visit, will be able to better advise the patient on the measures to be taken.

Interior Design Modern White Clean Apartment

The apartment has become a perfect and practical residence for most urban dwellers like Jakarta. With the proliferation of apartment buildings in Jakarta then that to be determining factor in choosing an apartment that is the location, large apartments, and of course the comfort of apartments to live. For those of you who like simplicity but still want a beautiful and elegant interior design apartment, this apartment can be a reference for you. The design is modern with a choice of white color that exemplifies the beauty and shape of the existing furniture.

The bright white color on the walls and ceiling of the apartment will automatically highlight all the forms of furniture you have. Select parquet material or laminate floor for the floor so the cold impression of white color can be neutralized. Legitimate if you also want to use white color for the furniture in your apartment. To create an atmosphere that is not monotonous select bright room accessories. Lights, paintings, sofa cushions, or a little greenery in the corner will give you an extra vivid color inside your apartment.

The unique lights will give you more points in the interior design of your apartment such omdimas. A single chandelier or pendant lamp automatically makes the room feel different and attracts anyone’s attention. As in this apartment, in the white kitchen area, the presence of ‘Dear Ingo’ lamp from Ron Gilad becomes a fantastic focal point, is not it?

Inspiration Style Modern Interior Design for Habitation House

The modern interior design style is not limited to advanced minimalist style only. There are many variations of contemporary interior design style that can be modified according to your desire and personal. Well, which one is a favorite for use in your dream home? Here are some examples of modern home style interior design that is made with some interesting modifications for inspiration for you.

The elegant modern style is the most appropriate style to describe the appearance of occupancy as the example above. The use of shiny materials such as mirrors combined with dark brown will make your occupancy look more luxurious. Add a few stunning accents like chandeliers in the living room to create a different interior design atmosphere.

If you do not want to use a brown palette, you can also get the look of an elegant modern residential house using white. White color will make your dwelling look more neat and spacious additionally occupancy will even look clean and timeless.

The style of interior design is also much in demand right now is a contemporary modern design style. The method of present modern interior design is considered to best suit the lifestyle of modern society who wants everything to look neat. Contemporary modern style, dominated by a straight cut, simple, does not have much detail to fit correctly current lifestyle.

If you like the look of the interior design of a modern habitation house like the above examples, you can contact the interior designer from Interior Design, to help you realize the interior design of your dream dwelling.