Psychological reasons why some people are always late

There are people who are never on time, they show up late every time there is an appointment with you.

A lot of research looking for the reason why there are people like that, as reported by the Independent.

Alfie Kohn, a lecturer and author of human behaviour, in Psychology Today blog wrote several reasons behind adherents hours rubber.

Maybe they are happy so the center of attention because it came too late, or too busy with their own lives and to have to make people wait.

However, this does not apply to those who are always late to be self-defeating. For example, they missed the plane or can’t get into the show who wants to be seen.

While there are people who always want to be on time, Kohn said there are people who did not get to do it.

“Maybe they had a tendency to too late against what they do and don’t realize the time until it’s too late,” he wrote.

1. How to set the time

A study from the University of Washington last year researching the theory of Time-Based Prospective Memory (TBPM). In the experiment, the subjects were given a time frame to complete a job, they are given the discretion to check the clock.

The experiment was made in such a way to forget the time as participants consuming the attention of its activity, for example puzzle. Of research results, there is clearly some people are better at set time.

This is similar as you sink into activities such as sight-seeing linimasa which documents Instagram or read the news. You may still lazing for five minutes before leaving for work. But there are times when a five minute molor imperceptibly so 20 minutes.

Psychological and Brain Sciences Professor Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne of Massachusetts Amherst says people who are good at the task TBPM can arrange time better. He writes in Psychology Today how important can estimate the time to work on something.

For example, you can use Google Maps to estimate how long it took to get somewhere. But you can’t predict what will happen on the road, for example chatting with acquaintances who meet accidentally, or disorder at the station so that the train was late.

2. people who have personalities like late

There are people who are not disciplined, they feel might be timely. Some people don’t like it came early. Sometimes they feel lazy or don’t like to wait.

When viewed from another perspective, a New York Times article said the consistent delays can be driven by optimism. For example, believe that travel 25 minutes can be reached in 10 minutes if everything is smooth.

In short, there are many reasons that explain why people are always late. When you can find the main cause, you could change the bad habits it is.