Some Mistakes Educating Children Who Are Considered A Fairness

Children are entrusted from the divine that we must guard as well as possible, and children are gifts that will not be replaced by anything. So from the description above it has become an obligation for us to love and love the baby.

But sometimes because we are so sad for our little ones, we often forget our main obligation to educate children to become independent, smart, polite, disciplined, etc. What we think is right in educating children is actually an error that will make children become spoiled and unable to be independent.

Some common mistakes that occur are:

Often prohibits children from playing

Beware, do not run later, fall, watch out, don’t play the ground, dirty, etc. Do we often hear that? Actually this is a form of our concern for children, but indirectly we will actually delay the development of the mind and brain of children. Then what should be done to deal with these problems? Accompany the child while playing, find a safe place so that the child can freely play, let the child be creative with his mind.

Often scare

When children are hard to be advised, sometimes we scare with the real thing that is not scary. For example, when a child cries and is difficult to keep quiet, we often say don’t cry and later be bitten by a cat. That way you indirectly teach children to be afraid of cats.

Always follow what the child wants

If you do that, then you will teach children not to be independent. Why is that? Because you often spoil children, then one day an adult child will become a lazy child, not willing to work hard, etc. From now on, the demand for children if it is necessary and important for children.

Advise by jerking and even hitting

Is that way can make a child be better, it is just the opposite (will make a person who likes rebellion). Advise children with tenderness will be better, and it will actually make children understand what we want to convey to our baby.

Teaching Children Luxury Life

Whatever the reason, this cannot be justified, because it will make children forever dependent on parents. It’s okay for us to give a gift about something fancy, but it benefits the child. For example, we give children gifts in the form of cellphones, so we must be smart to teach children to find out the benefits of these sophisticated devices.

Those are some things that are mistakes but it has become a natural thing for us in an effort to educate children. Hopefully you can take advantage of these simple descriptions.

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