Tips for Choosing ECD for Children

Early Childhood Education is a bridge to long-term investment in the future of children. Entering children into play groups (KB) and kindergarten (TK) is one way to provide stimulation of knowledge, emotional, and social interaction to children.

But sometimes here creates a dilemma for parents because parents will worry whether family planning and kindergarten are right for the baby. Therefore before you decide on a family planning and kindergarten you should pay attention to the following:

Understand the Nature of Teacher Teachers

If necessary, you also know the background of the teacher. Notice whether the teacher has a patient nature and has mastery that is capable of the ins and outs of the child’s world. A good teacher will make children feel happy and comfortable.

Don’t go too far

It is better to determine the PAUD so that it is not too far from your reach (either from your office to work or from home). maximum trip is 20 minutes (when using a vehicle). This is to anticipate things that are not wanted and also to overcome child fatigue.

Look at your finances

Do not because your high prestige then you are forced to put your child into family planning and kindergarten (even though the cost is high), because expensive school does not necessarily guarantee children’s intelligence. Then look for a school that suits your financial condition.

Learn the Literacy Cited

Make sure that the curriculum taught is in accordance with the needs of the child, because this is an education aimed at early childhood so the right curriculum is playing, singing, and learning (but with a simple method).

Teacher Ratio

The right ratio is 1: 4 (for children under 3 years), then 1: 8 (for children 3-4 years), and 1:10 (for children aged 4-5 years). The explanation is 1: 4 is 1 teacher caring for 4 children, and so on.

Pay Attention to the School Environment

Do not send children under five years of age to school where the place is close to the highway, the play area is safe and not harmful. Notice how clean the school environment is.

Ask the child about which school makes him happy

Involve the child in making decisions, do not force your will without involving the child. Because after all is a child who will undergo.

Those are some of the things you need to consider before determining the right school for your toddler. Hopefully it will be a benefit for you.

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